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Night Height Micro

Night Height Micro

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The Night Height Mount places micro footprint optics at a 2.33” optic centerline allowing the shooter to passively aim while shooting with night vision or protective masks. This height is ideal for keeping a more natural heads-up stance and allows the shooter to scan surroundings without coming off the weapon.

By using a simple dual bolt mounting system the Night Height Mount maintains a snag free signature while distributing the clamping stress across as large a surface as possible.

The mount features a “look-through” design that allows the use of iron sights and reduces the overall weight of the mount without sacrificing strength or durability.



Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum

Weight: 2.96 oz 

Included Hardware: M3 Optic Bolts with pre applied vibra-stop (4) T20 TORX pre installed on mount(2)

Color: Black 

Made in USA

Type III Hard Coat Anodization 

Torque: 22-25 INCH LBS 

Height:  2.043"

Width:  1.123"

Length:  1.875"

Optic Centerline: 2.33" 


*If the M3 bolts do not fit your optic please use your screws provided by your optic manufacturer and or contact us for assistance* 

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